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Unit 3 - Applied

un-used computers

The Applied GCSE has three sections: Unit 1 is an exam, Unit 2 and 3 are both coursework projects.

Unit 3 is a coursework unit based on written reports. The first four reports discuss how ICT affects different people/groups of people - you, a working adult, someone with a specific disability and your local community. Here I will put tips and ideas for writing the five reports for unit 3.

When writing the reports, the exam board splits technologies into different categories. To get maximum marks, try to use technologies from different categories and apply them to different needs: personal, social, work-related. You should check the list of technologies as you write.

How ICT affects me

Discuss four different technologies from the list. Write about how it works, then discuss how you use it personally, socially and at school.

How ICT affects a working adult

This report requires a little more preparation! You will need to write questions and interview the adult you choose. This will probably be a parent or other family member, but it could equally well be someone else that you know.

The Structure of your report will probably be a bit like this:

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